Description: Povidone Iodine Slow Releasing Eye Drop

Treatment: Pink eye

Progress: Pre-clinical

We are currently optimizing our lead ophthalmic drug iVIEW-1201 for the treatment of active infections of the conjunctiva and cornea by bacteria, mycobacteria, virus, fungus, or amoebic causes. The current US ocular antibiotic market is over $1 billion with an additional $500 million untapped viral conjunctivitis market for which there is no FDA approved treatment. This represents a massive unmet medical need in ophthalmology and an enormous market potential.

Acute conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) is one of the most common and most contagious ocular infections seen in the United States, Japan and Europe. Approximately 50 percent of infectious conjunctivitis cases have a viral etiology, and 65 to 90 percent of these are caused by adenovirus. Viral conjunctivitis is highly infectious and transmissible, causing lost work and school days as well as increased healthcare costs and risks from unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions. There are 5.9 million cases of infectious conjunctivitis annually in the United States and approximately 5.4 million cases in the EU annually.

iVIEW-1201 is a long acting ocular anti-infective comprised of a broad-spectrum polymicrobicidal antiseptic-Povidone Iodine. We have developed proprietary extended-release povidone iodine ophthalmic formulations such as microparticle and in-situ hydrogel ophthalmic formulations that have slow releasing properties and are non-irritating to the eye. While other antibiotics and combination antibiotic / anti-inflammatories are available, iVIEW-1201 has two distinct features: first, it is effective against both bacteria and viruses; second, there has been no documented case of resistance. It solves the three biggest problems in the treatment of eye infections: spectrum, resistance and long acting. These two features will position iVIEW-1201 as the definitive leader in the treatment of any ophthalmic infection. iVIEW has retained the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig LLP as corporate counsel and intellectual property representation. The proprietary formulations are protected with internationa

l PCT patent applications and US/EP/China national applications and granted patents.

Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) is a commercially available iodophor routinely used in ophthalmology and general surgery. Povidone-iodine solutions have been proven effective before (5% solution) and after ocular surgery (1.25%), at birth (2.5%), and for active infections (1.25%). PVP-I is the only agent known to prevent post-op endophthalmitis. Solutions of PVP-I are toxic to viruses (including HIV), fungi, parasites and bacteria with no known development of resistance. It is well described in the literature that aqueous PVP-I solutions exhibit greater antiseptic efficacy at lower concentrations. Furthermore, these lower concentrations are less irritating to the eyes, ears and skin. iVIEW is optimizing an in-situ gel formulation iVIEW-1201 where the effective concentration of PVP-I is maintained by the equilibrium between solution PVP-I and the gel bound components resulting in a long lasting, less toxic pharmacological effect.

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